The alien captives are aliens that were captured by General Shanker. According to Mr. James Bing, approximately 106 advanced life forms have been missing and never been found. Scorch and Gary Supernova were also both captured. Eventually Gary, Scorch, IO, Doc, Thurman and most of the aliens have escaped.

Known aliensEdit

  • Scorch Supernova (escaped)
  • Gary Supernova (escaped)
  • Doc (escaped)
  • Thurman (escaped)
  • IO (escaped)
  • Greys (escaped)
  • Strollotin (escaped)
  • Manticana (escaped)
  • Occulain/Larry Longeyes (eaten and killed by Squill/Snark Beast)
  • Squill/Snark Beast (defeated by IO, then presumably killed when Area 51 was destroyed)
  • Spikebeast (escaped)
  • Quizibbz (escaped)
  • Binok (escaped)
  • Fikar (escaped)
  • Umblatt (escaped)
  • Zibb-Kwobe (escaped)
  • Gnarlach (escaped)


  • On the floor, there are names from alien, robot and apparently human characters that have been seen in their own films and series in popular culture:
    • Ratchet (from Robots)
    • Stitch (from the Lilo and Stitch franchise)
    • Venom (from the Spider-Man franchise)
    • Yoda, Greedo and Chewie (from the Star Wars series)
    • Mew (from the Pokemon series)
    • Wall-E (from the film of the same name)
    • Marvin (from the Looney Tunes series)
    • Bender (from Futurama)
    • ALF (from the series of the same name)
    • Gojira (from the Godzilla series)
    • Gazoo (from The Flintstones)
    • Barf and Yogurt (from Spaceballs)
    • Odo and Spock (from Star Trek)
    • Nessie (from the Bonyard comic series)
    • E.T. (from E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial)
    • Beta Ray Bill (from the Marvel comics)
    • Kerrigan (from the StarCraft video game and novel)
    • Ripley (from the Alien series)
    • Riddick (from the film of the same name)
    • Zuul (from Ghostbusters)
    • Bucky O'Hare (from the comic, video game and TV series of the same name)
    • HAL 9000 (from the Space Odyssey series)
    • Lion-O (from ThunderCats)
    • Kal-El (from the Superman series)
    • The Thing (from the film and remake of the same name)

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