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Alien delicacies, as the name suggests, are food items that are considered a highly desirable in the alien world. They have been served in Area 51 in the cafeteria for the alien captives.

Known delicaciesEdit

  • Blorm - a spiked orange food that resembles corn and cactus.
  • Phrebbish - a purple octopus-like tentacle that still moves.
  • Zumft - a delicacy that resembles a dumpling.
  • Diet Zumft - a smaller version of Zumft.
  • Free-range Zumft - a small cube-shaped green gelatin with an eyeball.
  • Non-dairy gluten-free Zumft - a pile of brown gunk with living earthworm-like aliens.
  • Fresh plarbe - a living gruel-like food that speaks with a British accent.


  • IO ordered some Phrebbish, Doc ordered some free-range Zumft (referred to as jiggle cubes), Scorch ordered 2 of everything and one more of anything (some Phrebbish, free-range Zumft, Blorm, etc.), and Thurman ordered some Phrebbish and free-range Zumft. Gary didn't ordered anything.

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